Moriarty: Second best Villian in the BBCverse

And this is coming from an intense and I mean intense Moriarty fan. I still think he is the ‘best’ in different categories but in terms of effective villiany- he takes second place. Why? Who beats him?

Jeff Hope. The cab driver from the first episode.

Here, let me compare these two. James Moriarty, after finding out Sherlock’s entire life story, stalking him for a long time, and having a few conversations with him, is able to overcome him. Except he doesn’t- Sherlock lives. (And goes on to destroy Moriarty’s whole enterprise, canonically.)

Jeff Hope, who knows NOTHING about Sherlock except for what Sherlock writes about himself on his blog and what he can observe when he meets him, is able to completely intellectually overcome and probably kill Sherlock Holmes in a matter of… ten minutes, I think? Not including the drive.

Sherlock refused to say it but his very silence on the matter told us that he had NO IDEA which of those pills to take. And I am convinced by his shaking hands and his own admittance of how he cannot be bored that he was going to take that pill- not knowing if it was the right pill or not- and if John had not saved him, I am almost certain he would have died.

Jeff Hope knew each of Sherlock’s weaknesses- his hatred of himself, his fear of failure, his detestation of boredom- he used them against him with frightening speed and, by outsmarting him, would have killed him in ten minutes. My sweet baby Moriarty, as fabulous as he is, needed a whole lot more help than that- and he did, essentially, fail.

True, Moriarty ‘helped’ Hope along… but not in anyway that gave him an edge over Sherlock. Moriarty FINANCED him and maybe pushed him in Sherlock’s direction. JEFF HOPE was the one who outsmarted and almost poisoned Sherlock Holmes. And while it was also true that Moriarty’s inclination for dramatic and his desire to completely destroy Sherlock slowed him down… well… THAT IS WHAT MADE JEFF HOPE A BETTER VILLAIN. His own desires did not slow down the deaths.

#Jeff Hope Was Real

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